MODIFILAN, is the purest, most natural nutritional supplement made from the brown seaweed Laminaria Japonica. Extract contains the life essential properties of Organic Iodine, Alginates, Fucoidan and Laminarin. Worldwide scientific studies and clinical research of these elements showed:

Organic Iodine feeds the Thyroid Gland, which controls metabolism and promotes maturation of the nervous system. Iodine is important for thyroid disorders, wherever underactive or overactive.
Alginate is a natural absorbent of radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals. It has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its own molecules. As the Alginate cannot be broken down by the bile or saliva and cannot be absorbed by the body, it is secreted from the body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances.

Fucoidan causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct. Promoting apoptosis (self-destruction of cancer cells), Fucoidan helps to naturally eliminate harmful cells from organism.

Laminarin is a polysaccharide helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

These elements, treasured in brown seaweeds, are enhanced by special cold-temperature extraction technology, which does not break their molecular structure.

MODIFILAN, a concentrated brown seaweed extract. It is a natural food supplement which contains several organic elements found to be very beneficial to our health.

MODIFILAN was developed in Russia by a group of scientists who worked in the State Rehabilitation Institute, where victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe underwent treatment. The healing qualities of seaweed had been known for centuries, so the Russian government instructed scientists to find an effective and powerful remedy for the radiation poisoning of that particular population. After trying out various forms of algae, one type yielded the best scientific data for this purpose. It was the brown seaweed known as Laminaria japonica, which grows wild in the northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of uninhabited islands far to the east of Russia, known as the Kurils.

One of the main qualities of Laminaria is its high content of alginates, which are enhanced by the extraction process used to produce MODIFILAN. Alginates are the most effective organic elements that enable the human body to get rid of heavy metals and toxins. Not all "algae" have alginates; blue or green algae does not. According to scientific testing, only this brown seaweed does! The unique methods of extraction, as well as the quality of this seaweed, are key. MODIFILAN has up to 50% of the highest quality alginates.

The low-temperature processing of MODIFILAN causes a sloughing off of the heavy outer fibers of the seaweed, while retaining the essential properties of the plant. This process further enhances its bioavailability, making the Laminaria more digestible. Forty pounds of raw Laminaria are required to make one pound of MODIFILAN. Eating 8 capsules of extract a day provides the same amount of good, organic micro- and macro-elements contained in entire plate of this nutrient-rich seaweed. And, it is not cooked. The oldest Japanese recipes of preparing seaweed tell us to eat seaweed raw, rather than cooked. Modern science affirms that an anti-cancer substance called Fucoidan, as well as beneficial polysaccharides, will break down if the seaweed is cooked. This was determined when studies were performed on the Japanese island of Okinawa, known for its lowest cancer death rate in Japan.

MODIFILAN is harvested from the clean, pristine waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean.
and manufactured in the United States.

Natural Dietary Supplment


8310 ~ 90 Vegi Caps 500mm.............$29.95


Special ~ 4 Bottles

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MODIFILAN is not just another dry seaweed product - it is highly concentrated product.
FORTY pounds of raw seaweed is needed to make



I wanted to write this note to tell you about my experience with Modifilan. I originally started taking this product for the heavy metal cleansing I wanted to do. This worked fine and wonderful – and, to my absolute surprise - it eliminated wrinkles from my face and neck. One day I was applying my morning
make-up and noticed that the wrinkles on my forehead - that had been there since I was a teenager-I am now 53 - were gone. There were three heavy creases on my forehead all my adult life. Now only the top and most prominent one is still visible. The others are totally gone. And maybe the most wonderful thing (or at least as wonderful) that I forgot to tell you was that my hair started to grow again. One of the things going on with me has been this burning, red scalp and my always very thick hair has started to really thin - I also was using chemical hair color, and as I have been trying to let my hair grow out some, I have been pulling it back and at different times there are different amounts of new hair growing. So visibly at the hair line it is at times really noticeable. All these little one inch hairs that grow out.
Thank you with all my heart for such a wonderful product. Whatever motivated you to sell this product, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

M. L. Butler

For the past five years I have worked in the computer industry. I noticed I was losing my hair all over my head. My energy level was not very good. I started to take Modifilan, three capsules per day, about one year ago. I immediately noticed I had a great deal more energy and felt better in general. After about one month, I noticed my hair stopped falling out when I combed it in the morning. I also noticed that the structure of my hair felt stronger and the color was richer-looking. My wife at the same time also began taking Modifilan, about one capsule per day. She noticed a big increase in her energy level and sense of well-being as well. She noticed her nails became stronger. I highly recommend this product for everyone who works in front of a computer and for general health for everyone

Mr. and Mrs. S. McGrath,
San Carlos, CA

What does MODIFILAN do?

Boosts the immune system.

Help protect against thyroid cancer    and other cancers.
Helps to decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Detoxifies the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins.

Helps those who are overweight by improving the function of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Improves the structure of hair and nails and help them to grow.
Help to detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium.



8310 ~ 90 Vegi Caps 500mm.....$29.95

8310S 4 Bottle Special...$99.80

Add Modifilan ~ Brown Seaweed Extract to Cart 

Add  4 Bottle Special ~ Modifilan to Cart 

Good Interview and Info on MODIFILAN

Read an interview by Mike Adams ~ The Health Ranger
with Sergei Zimin about Modifilan Seaweed Supplement

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