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Natural wellness starts with good organic food and healthy lifestyle habits
supplemented occasionally by wholesome super foods.

HealthForce Nutritional Vitamineral Green

HealthForce Nutritionals
Vitamineral Green

Vitamineral Green is a superior, nutritionally dense, therapeutic green superfood powder which nutritionally supports blood sugar, detoxification, the immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, pancreas, muscles, brain, regularity, circulation, and longevity. An extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits. 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Yeast Free, Actual FoodTM, Superfoods, and TruGanicTM. Perfectly balanced nutrition.

8315 ~ 150 grams....$21.95

8316 ~ 500 grams....$59.95

Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver

Mountain Well-Being
Colloidal Silver


8150 ~ 4.2oz....$15.95

8151 ~ 8.6oz....$25.95

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Colloidal Silver is a dietary supplement of the purist silver and distilled water. It has been used as a natural antibiotic, as laboratory tests have proven silver kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeast. No germs have shown resistance to the action of silver, and the body does not build up a tolerance to silver. Low levels of silver in the body have been linked to increased sickness. Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years as an antibiotic, up until the 1930’s. when patentable pharmaceutical antibiotics were invented. Guaranteed finest quality on the market.

Since ancient times, humankind has valued silver and
gold for their positive effects on the health of the human body

Seaweed Extract


Detoxifies Radiation & Heavy Metals

8310 ~ 90 Vegi Caps 500mm.............$29.95

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8310S 4 Bottle Special..........$99.80

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Colloidal Gold

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8154~ 4.2oz....$23.95

8155 ~ 8.6oz...$39.95

Mountain Well-Being
Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold is a dietary supplement comprised of pure 24k gold and distilled water. Gold is known to be a powerful, yet subtle, pain reliever and has been continually used by medical doctors to treat arthritis since 1927. Gold has been shown to be especially helpful for conditions that affect the mind, emotions, and spirit. Studies show colloidal gold can raise the I.Q. by 20%. Gold is said to increase willpower, and has helped people battling alcohol and drug addiction and obesity. Gold seems to have a calming effect on the nerves and elevates mood, and has been successfully used to alleviate anxiety and depression. Guaranteed the finest quality available.

Great Wave Sea Greens
Food Supplement

Sea Greens 120 / 250mg VCaps 
#8307 ............................$24.95

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Great Wave Sea Greens
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Add Vitamineral Green 150 Grams to Cart 

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