NatureMill, Inc.’s vision is that everybody in the world will compost. Composting reduces landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously returning organic nutrients back to our soil. Leading the way in the latest composting technology, NatureMill, Inc. is the first to bring composting out of the backyard and into the kitchen.

Automatic Kitchen Composter

Whether you live in an apartment or in a house with a backyard, you can help reduce the emission of damaging greenhouse gases
by doing one thing... COMPOST.

Composting decomposes food scraps and transforms them into a rich organic fertilizer referred to as compost. Composting keeps millions of tons of waste out of our landfills, and it also produces a rich medium for growing fruits and vegetables, trees and flowers. Now that’s a beautiful thing!
Made in USA.

Size and Weight: 20”L x 12”W x 20”H
(51 x 30 x 51cm); 17 lbs (8kg)

#0000D  ..................................$249.00

The energy efficient polypropylene construction allows for maximum heat insulation. This construction controls internal temperatures while also maximizing the energy used to heat the food waste for fast composting. All these factors reduce overall energy usage.

Using less than 5 watts of power, the NatureMill composter allows families to compost for less than $0.50 cents a month in electrical costs.

Today, NatureMill composters
are in use in 27 countries, reducing the world’s
dependence on landfills!

Reduce global warming by turning your trash into tulips. Landfill waste produces methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times
worse than carbon dioxide emissions.
According to the EPA, the top producer
of methane in the U.S. is landfills.
Food is the #1 least recycled material.

NatureMill provides home gardeners with
a source of rich, organic fertilizer. There is something uniquely satisfying about witnessing the entire food chain: from garden to table, to garden again.

Automatic mixing
No trash odors
Produce fresh compost in just 2 weeks
Can process up to 5lbs. of food waste a day
Accepts animal foods
Made from recycled & recyclable  materials: stamped with the "5" triangle recycling symbol
Energy efficient
Fits inside any standard kitchen cabinet

Uses an average 5 kwh of energy per month.
Made from recycled and recyclable materials. 100% recyclable itself.
Meets efficiency standards of Energy Star (US Environmental Protection Agency), and California
Energy Efficiency Level IV.
Finished product is high nitrogen compost and can be used right away in your garden.

NatureMill Kitchen Composter

Compost Made Easy!

NatureMill Kitchen Composter
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