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Organic Chef Tom's Miso Tamari Marinade recipe

1 tablespoon Miso Master Miso Tamari
1 teaspoon organic brown rice vinegar
1 teaspoon organic Mikawa Mirin or sake

Mix miso tamari, brown rice vinegar and mirin (or sake ~ my favorite) in bowl. Dip sliced tofu, tempeh in marinade or fill
frying pan

Quick Marinade ~ Veggies or Seafood:
Dip veggies or seafood in marinade and place in cooking
pan.  Pour remaining marinade on top and bake, broil or
grill until cooked.

Marinade for Tofu or Tempeh:

1 Package of organic Tofu or Tempeh, sliced thin

Dip tofu or tempeh slices in marinade coating all sides.
Allow to marinate for 15 minutes or more.

Fry marinated tofu or tempeh slices in organic vegetable oil for about 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Add remaining marinade (and little water if needed), cover and cook until marinade is absorbed and tofu / tempeh are golden brown. You can also
bake or grill the marinated tofu or tempeh.



Miso Master Miso Tamari

Miso Master®
Miso Tamari

Liquid Essence
of Miso

Authentic “juice”
of Miso Master Miso

Harvested from the wooden barrels as the miso ages.

Hand crafted in the ancient 300+ year old tradition

10 oz Glass Bottle
# 023

Miso Even before the developement of shoyu, Japanese miso makers were using the rich dark liquid that pooled on the surface of fermenting miso to season foods. By the thirteenth century, a small but productive tamari industry had been born. MISO MASTER® Organic Miso Tamari continues this ancient tradition of using only the by-product of actual fermenting miso, while modern tamari manufacturers add soybean koji (soybeans innoculated with Aspergillus mold spores) to a brine solution.

More than 300 years ago in Tokugawa Japan, miso masters had a profitable sideline selling the liquid essence pressed out of the miso during the aging process. This liquid, produced by several hundred pounds of rocks pushing down on the top of the barrel, proved very popular. Since 25 pounds of miso yields only one 10 ounce bottle of miso tamari, demand quickly outran the limited supply. Enterprising producers soon developed a new process to make tamari directly from soybeans without first going through the miso stage, thereby giving birth to the soy sauce industry as we know it today. 

MISO MASTER® Organic Miso Tamari contains no wheat and has a significantly higher amino acid content than shoyu. Its rich taste and thick texture holds up better to lenghty cooking than shoyu, and also make it a good choice for dipping sauces and pickling.

MISO MASTER® Organic Miso Tamari. There is nothing else like it!

Organic Miso Tamari

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