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Note: Bulk items are shipped by weight with separate shipping fees. You will receive an email with your order total including shipping for final confirmation for shipping.

Organic Bulk Grains, Beans, Nuts, Seeds...

Buy in Bulk & $ave!

Organic Bulk Grains

25lbs Lundberg Short Brown Rice
Item #7101 ~ Price: $60.00

25lbs Lundberg Long Brown Rice
Item #7102 ~ Price: $68.00

25lbs Lundberg Sweet Brown Rice
Item #7103 ~ Price: $68.00

25lbs Lundberg Medium Golden Rose Brown Rice
Item #7104 ~ Price: $68.00

25lbs Lundberg Brown Basmati Rice
Item #7113 ~ Price: $76.00

50lbs Whole Oats
Item #7114 ~ Price: $69.00

25lbs Whole Wheat Pastry Berries
Item #7129 ~ Price: $29.00

25lbs Millet
Item #7120 ~ Price: $44.00

25lbs Popcorn
Item #7121 ~ Price: $62.00

25lbs Rolled Oats
Item #7122 ~ Price: $37.00

25lbs Unpearled Barley
Item #7118 ~ Price: $45.00

25lbs Pearled Barley
Item #7119 ~ Price: $46.00

25lbs Winter Wheat Hard
Item #7128 ~ Price: $29.00

25lbs Whole Wheat Flour stone ground
Item #7130 ~ Price: $31.00

25lbs Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
Item #7131 ~ Price: $31.00

25lbs Unbleached White Flour All-Pupose
Item #7132 ~ Price: $33.00

25lbs Unbleached White Bread Flour
Item #7133 ~ Price: $33.00

25lbs Whole Spelt
Item #7124 ~ Price: $70.00

25lbs Buckwheat Raw
Item #7117~ Price: $67.00

25lbs Quinoa
Item #7125~ Price: $139.00

Organic Bulk Beans & Seeds

25lbs Aduki Beans
Item #7201 ~ Price: $64.00

25lbs Baby Limas
Item #7213 ~ Price: $67.00

25lbs Black Turtle Beans
Item #7203 ~ Price: $69.00

25lbs Black Eye Peas
Item #7204 ~ Price: $64.00

25lbs Chickpeas
Item #7205 ~ Price: $73.00

25lbs Kidney Dark Red Beans
Item #7206 ~ Price: $98.00

25lbs Pinto Beans
Item #7207 ~ Price: $69.00

25lbs Green Lentils
Item #7208 ~ Price: $49.00

25lbs Split Peas
Item #7210 ~ Price: $41.00

25lbs Yellow Soybeans
Item #7212 ~ Price: $50.00

10lbs Hokkaido Aduki Beans
Japanese specialty beans
(not organic)
Item #7211 ~ Price: $90.00

25lbs Sunflower Seeds
Item #7220 ~ Price: $87.00

25lbs Golden Flax Seeds
Item #7221 ~ Price: $66.00

Organic Bulk Noodles

10lbs Udon, Lomein or Soba OP
Item #7008 ~
Price: $29.00

Organic Tea & Coffee

12- 16bags Kukicha Tea
Item #7601 ~ Price: $39.48

12- 16bags Hojicha Tea
Item #7603 ~ Price: $39.48

12- 16bags Sencha Green Tea
Item #7606 ~ Price: $47.40

12- 16bags English Breakfast Tea
Item #7611 ~ Price: $30.00

12- 16bags Earl Gray Tea
Item #7612 ~ Price: $30.00

Bulk Specialty Foods

BULK order line: 800.752.2775

15lbs Miso Master Miso (specify variety)

Item #7420 ~
Price: $80.00

40lbs Miso Master Miso (specify variety)

Item #7421 ~
Price: $185.00

11lbs Kuzu
Item #7401 ~
Price: $285.00

8.8lbs Whole Umeboshi Plums Organic
Item #7440 ~
Price: $200.00

6- 7oz Daikon Takuan Pickle
Item #7450 ~
Price: $33.00

1- Gallon Shoyu Kanazawa Organic
Item #7460 ~
Price: CALL 800.752.2775

1- Gallon Brown Rice Vinegar Organic
Item #7465
~ CALL 800.752.2775

1- Gallon Miso Tamari Organic
Item #7462
~ Price: $50.00

1- Gallon Traditional Ume Vinegar
Item #7455
~ Price: $20.00

10lbs SI Sea Salt
Item #7457 ~ Price: $35.00

25lbs SI Sea Salt
Item #7458 ~ Price: $59.00

Organic Sweeteners

1- Gallon Brown Rice Syrup (Sweet Cloud)
Item #7500 ~ Price: $51.00

12- 16oz Brown Rice Syrup (Sweet Cloud)
Item #7501 ~ Price: $69.00

Buy in Bulk & Save on Your Shopping Dollars

Buy in bulk to save on your shopping dollars from Natural Lifestyle Organic Market. We offer the highest quality organic foods:
bulk organic beans, bulk organic grains, bulk organic brown rice, bulk organic rolled oats, bulk nuts and seeds, bulk organic green tea, bulk macrobiotic supplies, organic sea chips,gallon jug of organic brown rice syrup and more!


Natural Lifestyle Organic Market

Need something that isn’t listed?
We can order hundreds of organic products for you. If you place your bulk order by 5pm on Friday ~ we can ship your order on the following Tuesday shipment.

Tips on Storing Bulk Foods:
Keep bulk foods stored in cool, dry location.
Fill smaller container for everyday cooking and refill from the large bulk bag as needed.
Best storage container for the kitchen (smaller everyday uses) is a glass jar or container with a air-tight lid or seal.

Organic Nuts & Dried Fruit

5lbs Almonds
Item #7225 ~ Price: $82.00

5lbs Brazil Nuts
Item #7226 ~ Price: $67.00

5lbs Walnuts
Item #7227 ~ Price: $88.00

5lbs Apricots California
Item #7230 ~ Price: $69.00

5lbs Black Mission Figs
Item #7231 ~ Price: $33.00

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