Organic Ryujin Whole Umeboshi Plums

Item #180 ~ 6oz  Price: $14.95


Umeboshi are pickled Japanese plums with a lively salty/sour tartness highly valued in Asian cooking and healing. Great in salad dressings, cooked veggies or sauces. Delicious tucked in rice balls or spread thinly on cooked sweet corn instead of butter and salt. Their alkalinizing effect make for a wonderful tonic for hyperacidity and indigestion. Their pink color is form mineral rich shiso leaves.

Item #184 ~ 16oz Price: $34.95

Item #181 ~ 35oz Price: $69.95

Yuki*  Ryujin Umeboshi Plum Paste

Item #182 ~ 8oz Price: $10.95

Item #176 ~ 16oz Price: $19.95

*Yuki ~ Japanese products grown without chemicals.

Yuki*  Premium
Ryujin Ume Vinegar

Item #183 ~ 10oz Price: $6.50

Traditional Ume Vinegar

Item #185 ~ 10oz   Price: $5.95

Enjoy this tasty ume vinegar for its refreshing, fruity tartness in just about any recipe calling for vinegar. We love it on greens, stir fried veggies and in salad dressings.  Emperor’s Kitchen

Traditional Ume Vinegar 10oz









Pickled Plums

Sushi with umeboshi plum paste

Item #188 ~ Price: $2.95

Iron rich shiso ground into a tasty salty/sour condiment.
1.76oz Mitoku

Shiso Leaf Condiment

Ume Products

Ume Concentrate

Pressed juice of unripe Japanese plums cooked into a thick, salt-free folk medicine. 1.4oz jar. GES

Item #186 ~ Price: $26.95

Ume Plum Balls

Ume concentrate with powered wild mountain yam. A great antacid. 260 count. Eden

 #187 ~  $32.95




Eden Plum Balls
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