”Use agar for natural gello, arame for seaweed salad, roll cooked hiziki seasoned with shoyu and mirin in pastry crust and bake, add kombu to soften and flavor beans, use nori for homemade sushi and add wakame to miso soup!”

Agar Kanten Flakes 1oz
Item #063 ~        Price: $6.50

Agar Kanten Flakes 4oz
Item #063L ~     Price: $23.80

Agar Kanten Flakes 8oz
Item #063B ~      Price: $45.00

Arame 1.76oz
mild flavor organic
Item #047 ~       Price: $10.95

Arame 2.2lbs
Item #048 ~         Price: $CALL

Kombu 1.76oz - EC flavor enhancer (China)
Item #049 ~      Price: $4.95

Kombu 2.2lbs (china)
Item #050 ~    Price: $47.00

Nori Sheets - 10 sheets
Item #056 ~      Price: $5.95

Nori Flakes 0.7oz
iron & protein rich
Item #059 ~      Price: $3.95

Sushi Nori Toasted
10 sheet
Organic EC
Item #057 ~   Price: $5.95

Sushi Nori 50 sheet Organic
Item #058 ~ Price: $25.95

Emerald Cove Pacific Arame
toasted nori
Emerald Cove Pacific Nori
Spicy Nori Snacks

Veggies from the Sea











Kombu Mitoku 1.76oz (Japan)
Item #051 ~    Price: $6.50


Wakame Pieces 1.76oz EC (China)
Item #040 ~     Price: $4.95


Wakame Pieces 2.2lbs EC (China)
Item #041 ~   Price: $47.00


Domestic Sea Vegetables

Hand harvested from clear, clean waters, wild crafted and sun or wood heat-dried. Natural Chef sea vegetables are premium grade whole leaf, harvested in Maine by environmentally conscious harvestor.

Alaria 2oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #035 ~   Price: $5.95

Alaria 8oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #036 ~  Price: $16.95

Dulse 2oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #030 ~    Price: $5.95

Dulse 8oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #031 ~   Price: $16.95

Dulse 1lb Organic Natural Chef
Item #030B ~ Price: $37.95

Dulse Flakes 4oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #031F ~   Price: $7.50

Dulse Apple Wood Smoked 2oz
Item #037 ~     Price: $5.95

Dulse Apple Wood Smoked 8oz
Item #037B ~  Price: $20.00

Kelp 2oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #033 ~   Price: $4.50

Kelp 8oz Organic Natural Chef
Item #034 ~ Price: $16.95

Apple Wood Smoked Dulse









Unavailable at this time

Unavailable at this time

Sea Greens 3 Bottle Special
120 VCaps
Item #8307S ~  ............................ $59.85

Sea Greens 120 VCaps 250mg
 Item #8307 ~ ...............................$24.95

100% top grade organic sea veggies in vegetarian vegicaps®
We’ve chosen 4 varieties of sea greens for their high nutritive values, mix of deep zone and upper zone ocean depths, and variety of forms and colors – resulting in a wide range of essential nutrients balanced by nature. Sea Greens contain 61 naturally chelated minerals and trace minerals, more than 25 vitamins (including B12 and D), chlorophyll, enzymes, proteins and fiber, made by nature in proper proportions. Made form first grade organic sea greens form unpolluted sites in the Gulf of Maine: sun-dried – Digitata Kelp, Longicruris Kelp, Dulse, Alaria Esculenta hand harvested by conscious wild crafters. No Fillers or additives added!

Sea Greens ~ from the garden of the sea




Special 8310S 4 Bottles MODIFILAN...........99.80



8310 ~ 90 Vegi Caps 500mm..........................29.95


Seaweed Extract Detoxifies Radiation and Heavy Metals

Modifilan Modifilan is a concentrated brown seaweed supplement developed for the rehabilitation of the Chemobyl nuclear catastrophe victims. Hand harvested laminaria japonica (hoku kombu) from the pristine northern Pacific ocean. Using a low temperature process to remove fibers concentrating the essential properties of alginate, iodine, facoidan, laminarin, and nutrients. A natural absorbant of heavy metals, detoxifies lead, mercury, cadimum, colbolt, uranium and strontium and passes them out of the boday. Helps protect against radiation and cancer. Boosts the immune system, too.

Sea Veggie are Good for You!

Dip sushi in organic shoyu

Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook

If you are a vegetarian and a sushi fan ~ you will love Vegetarian Sushi by Brigid Treloar! Enjoy delicious home made sushi with detailed instructions and recipes with beautiful color photos to inspire you to make traditional sushi rolls, inside out sushi, molded sushi and even noodle sushi. Also included are tasty soups, sauces and pickles for complete meals.

#1246 ~ .................. $18.95


Organic Sea Seasonings

Kelp Granules

An easy way to add mineral-rich sea vegetables to your meals! Great on grains, veggies, tofu, popcorn...100% iodine in 1 tsp! Size: 1.5oz Price: $3.75

Dulse Granules

#133~    Dulse Granules


 #130 ~   Dulse w/ Garlic


 #134 ~     Kelp Granules


 #131 ~ Kelp w/ Cayenne


 #136 ~ Triple Blend Sea Flakes

Triple Blend Flakes: Dulse, Laver, and Sea Lettuce


 #137 ~ Sea Salt w/ Sea Veggies

Sea Salt w/ Sea Veg: Sea Salt, Kelp, and Dulse


Sea Seasonings

by Brigid Treloar

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