Snow Dried Tofu

Dried tofu has a unique texture and once reconstituted, absorbs flavors of the foods and seasonings it is cooked with. A great convenience protein rich addition to soups, stews beans and sea veggie dishes. Traditionally sundried by ancient outdoor freezing methods, concentrating its protein content to 53%. Certified non - GMO soybeans. 2.4oz

Item #262 ~           Price: $9.95

Specialty Foods

Organic Kuzu

Kuzu is a natural thickening starch. Use to thicken soups, puddings, desserts. Traditionally used in Japan
for natural healing. Mitoku

Item #260 ~ 3oz      Price: $7.95

Item #260B  16oz Price: $34.95

Real Wasabi Powder

Not just horseradish and mustard like most brands...ours contains 45% authentic wasabi, the rare, hard to grow, knobby green rhizome. Stimulating flavor, protein digesting enzymes and anti bacterial properties makes it a perfect condiment for sushi,

45% Wasabi 2.5oz glass jar
Item #153 ~         Price: $6.95

100% Wasabi 1.5oz glass jar
Item #154 ~ 16oz Price: $6.95

Dried Lotus Root

Enjoyed for its unique taste and texture. Popular among natural healers for its good effect on the respiratory system.

Item #263 ~1.76oz Price: $9.95

Organic Chopped Garlic & Ginger

Convenient, ready to use in your favorite recipe.

Chopped Garlic 4.5oz
Item #3132 ~ Price: $2.80

Chopped Ginger 4.5oz
Item #3133 ~ Price: $2.80

Sun Dried
Shredded Daikon

Add to soups, stews, beans, rice – especially tasty cooked in hijiki. Used in macrobiotics for a wide range of medicinal home remedies.

Item #266 ~ 3.5oz Price: $9.95

Hama Natto

Savory miso beans naturally fermented with ginger and sea salt, popular for their tasty flavor, enjoy as is or as a condiment.

Item #286  5.3oz Price: $6.95

Dried Shredded Burdock Root

Popular in Japan for its strong energizing abilities. Serve with grains, beans, soups, garden and sea veggies.

Item #265 ~1.76oz Price: $7.95

Organic Red Peppers

Add flavor, vitamins (high in A & C) and color to any food with these tasty organically grown rd peppers. Great on sandwiches, sushi, chapadis... Succulent, delicious, juicy, naturally sweet ~ wood fired roasted, organic sweet red peppers.

Item #3130 ~ 16oz  Price: $8.95

Brown Rice Mochi

A delicious Japanese creation made form cooked, pounded sweet rice. Simply eat & eat or stuff with sauteed veggies or cooked fruit fillings. Tasty with a touch of shouyu and wrapped with a small piece of toasted sushi nori. “Yukki” Japanese organic     10.5oz

Brown Rice Mochi
Item #245 ~ Price: $11.95

Mochi with Mugwort
Item #246 ~ Price: $11.95

Organic Chopped Garlic
Organic Chopped Ginger













Organic Red pepper

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available at this time.

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