Nutritious Organic Grains

Amaranth 1lb
Item #070 ~    Price: $3.95

Natural Chefs grains are the highest quality available – organically grown, packed in natural, biodegradable cellophane bags and NOT GENETICALLY ENGINEERED!

Barley Lightly Pearled 2lb
Item #071 ~    Price: $4.50

Barley Unpearled 2lb
Item #071A ~ Price: $4.95

Buckwheat Kasha 2lb
Item #072K ~ Price: $8.95

Buckwheat Raw 2lb
Item #072R ~ Price: $7.95

Bulgar Wheat 2lb
Item #089   ~   Price: $6.95

Millet 2lb
Item #076 ~      Price: $4.95

Millet 5lb
Item #076A ~    Price: $10.95

Popcorn 2lb
Item #078 ~     Price: $4.95

Rye Whole 2lb
Item #066   ~   Price: $4.00

Spelt Whole 2lb
Item #079    ~   Price: $8.95

Whole Wheat (Winter) 2lb
Item #080 ~      Price: $3.50

Whole Wheat (Pastry) 2lb
Item #080P ~   Price: $3.50


Quinoa Inca Supergrain 1lb
Item #081 ~      Price: $5.95














Organic Cous Cous Salad
Organic Kasha

Organic Cous Cous Salad

Organic Kasha

Organic Oats

Oats Low Heat Rolled 2lb
Item #094 ~       Price: $3.95

Oats Steel Cut 2lb
Item #096 ~      Price: $3.95

Oats Whole 2lb
Item #077 ~     Price: $3.95




Nutritious Organic Oats

Hato Mugi (Japanese Job’s Tears) one of world’s oldest grains cultivated for thousands of years in the East and West. A staple of Egypt under the Pharaohs, Ancient Greece and Rome, Tibet. This heirloom barley is a chewy, extremely easy to digest grain, and nourishing. In the Far East, Hato Mugi is traditionally eaten to dissolve excess protein and fat from animal food, consumption and to clean up blemishes on the skin. 


Premium Hato Mugi

#085 ~       1lb       Price: $9.50

Brown Rice Mochi

A delicious Japanese creation made form cooked, pounded sweet rice. Simply eat & eat or stuff with sauteed veggies or cooked fruit fillings. Tasty with a touch of shouyu and wrapped with a small piece of toasted sushi nori. “Yukki” Japanese organic     10.5oz

Brown Rice Mochi
Item #245 ~ Price: $11.95


Mochi with Mugwort
Item #246 ~ Price: $11.95


Pan Fried Mochi Recipe
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